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BBNaija6: Maria Turns Violent, Throws Food At Boma

Maria took quite a violent action this morning while having breakfast with her fellow housemates. While having breakfast, a conversation ensued among them about toilet use and Maria got infuriated by the conversation so she threw the food she was eating away, which splashed on HoH, Boma. 

Ignoring Boma’s call, she immediately left the kitchen and retired to the room. Boma felt her action was uncalled for after she ignored his call so he followed her to the room and demanded an explanation for her action.

While chatting with Nini, Boma said he isn’t Maria’s boyfriend so she had no right to vent her anger on him. WhiteMoney who took his time to prepare the food also expressed his displeasure towards Maria’s action. Whitemoney also revealed that Maria’s attitude got Pere angry.

Whitemoney said they had to wrap their head around to conclude on what to prepare and some didn’t have enough to eat.  In his words; “she has lost all the respect I have for her. Even if we happen to be in the same group task, we’ll just do our thing and that’s it.”.

Maria had earlier been issued her first warning from Biggie for microphone infringement. Biggie gave the warning as he addressed some of the activities of the housemates after a total of 11 days.

Biggie said: “Maria this is your first warning on microphone infringement. Please fix your microphone.”

Biggie has informed any housemate that gets three strikes stands a chance to be disqualified from the BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season. Another warning from Biggie to Maria on microphone infringement will earn her a strike but now the big question, will her recent violent attitude also earn her a strike?Well, let’s stay tuned to the reality show. 

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