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BBNaija6: Whitemoney and Pere clash after game night

WhiteMoney and Pere have been at loggerheads, ranging from Pere being revealed as a wild card down to Whitemoney being involuntarily relieved of his kitchen duties under Pere’s regime, until last night when they finally let the steam off their chest and almost went physical.

It all started after Cross introduced a game called “Whisper” to the house. Here, a housemate is to whisper something about another housemate to someone and you can’t tell the person involved about the question.

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When Angel was selected, she whispered something about Pere to Emmanuel, Pere claimed he thought it was Whitemoney and he walked back after the game and asked what was said.  

Pere walked up to Whitemoney who was lying down and said, “what did you ask Bro, tell me to my face”. Pere also moved his belt but claimed he did that because it was tight on his waist after the housemates interpreted it as him trying to start a physical fight.

Perceiving Pere’s action to be an intimidation tactic, Whitemoney exploded and finally let out how he has been struggling to maintain positive energy with Pere following their wildcard games. Whitemoney stood up and warned him to stop bullying and threatening him because he didn’t know him from Adams

“Don’t ever try that thing with me, it’s because we are in the house I would have dealt with you. I know you don’t like me but don’t ever do that again I’m not a small boy. Do you know me before from anywhere, I’m not a kid, I’m from the street I’ll f*ck you up. Don’t come to me and try to pull your belt at me who do you think you are”, Whitemoney retaliated.

The argument got heated and Whitemoney was pulled away from Pere in order to avoid a fight.

Other housemates accused Pere of bullying and Maria demanded he should apologize to Whitemoney but he refused.

This will be the first time Whitemoney has reacted aggressively towards Pere despite the former HOH’s actions from the previous week.

Maria, being the Head of House, later called for a truce between Pere and Whitemoney but Pere insisted that he cannot be friends with Whitemoney, reasons being that someone informed Whitemoney that he [Pere] was one of the two widecards that were introduced among 21 other housemates.

In Pere’s words, 

“White, you know I was the wildcard before I got in here. I put it to you that I know that you knew. Your animosity started from the very very first time I got into this house. You got wind of that information but the only reason you couldn’t propel the house or push the house to my direction was because the light of suspicion will be on you as to how you got the information.

So much so that on day 2 or day 3 after the announcement was made about widecards…prior to that …, White, on my very first day in this house, when all the [housemates] came in, shook hands and were happy and excited, you, White, you avoided my eyes.

I felt a negative energy from you. It was as if you didn’t even want to look at me or shake my hands. I had to force you [to have a handshake]… But that didn’t make sense to me until two day after Biggie had announced who the wildcards were. I know how you got that information. You got that information from outside and you should be scared how I knew you got it.”

However, It turns out Pere’s latest actions earned him negative reviews from housemates and viewers. Both housemates have been trending on Twitter for hours.

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