BBNaija’s Vee Iye finally opens up on her break-up with Neo Akpofure

Reality TV star, Vee Iye has for the first time, spoken about her split from her lover and colleague, Neo Akpofure.

The two ex-Lockdown housemates developed an interest in each other while in Big Brother Naija’s house. They remained a public sensation since then until news of their separation started making the rounds.

Vee and Neo didn’t react to these reports until Vee in a recent interview with Stephanie Coker for her podcast, Me, her, and everything; revealed that her relationship with Neo ended amicably without any drama.

According to her, their relationship was good till things turned sour ad then they made a decision to pathways.

Vee Iye admitted that she was hurt over their break-up as she never thought that it would badly affect her.

On her love life, Vee Iye disclosed that she is single and in a stupor as the dating pool is full of kan people, who are only after hurting people because they are hurt.

“I am single to stupor. And the people that are single to stupor are all mad. We are all mad, hurt people hurting people. People that are still suffering from their last relationship.

My last relationship ended with…., there was no argument, there was no fight, there was nothing.

It was good until it wasn’t and then we went our separate ways.

Was I hurt for a few months? Yes. We ended on mutual terms but I didn’t expect to be that hurt even though we decided that it wasn’t going anywhere. I thought I would be able to move on quickly but it took some time.

The difference between me and a lot of men I have met is that I have decided to take it as a lesson. I learn from it and try to be a better person for the next guy”.

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