Bobrisky Disgraced Publicly as blogger reveals his dirty secret

Bobrisky has gotten into the bad books of Instagram blogger, Gistlovers yet again as the blogger publicly disclosed the skeletons in his cupboard.

It would be recalled that Bobrisky disclosed a few months ago that he was undergoing a Brazilian butt surgery to enlarge her butts. Bobrisky had consistently told his fans how much he wanted to go all-in (Trans woman) and how badly he wanted his backside banging. Some fans were skeptical, thinking that the cross-dresser was probably just chasing clouts until the surgery was successfully carried out.

Well, in the latest development, Gistlovers shared a video of Bobrisky’s rotten butts after he underwent the alleged surgery. It was seen that the bleaching crossdresser’s butts looked dark with wounds on the surface of the skin.

It appears the doctor identified as Dr. Anu who did the supposed surgery for Bobrisky leaked the video to the blogger. In audio also released by the blogger, it would be heard that Bobrisky was cursing and hurling insults at a caller at the end for leaking the video to the blogger.

Before now, Bobrisky had relayed the information that he’s traveling out of the country for surgery to get his dream banging body until this same blogger took to their platform to announce that Bob was having his surgery in Nigeria, Lekki precisely. 

The blogger further revealed that the doctors noticed a deterioration in Bobrisky’s shin and asked him to postpone the surgery for two months because of the level of skin damage, but he refused, being that he has already made it known to everyone that he’s going under the knife. 

According to gistlovers, “Why all these Una yeyebrity dey lie? Why?? Information reaching the VAWULENCE HEADQUARTERS states that Idris Okuneye Aka Bobirisky no comot for Lagos o to do any surgery,Na Lekki baba Dey but I will withheld the name of the hospital make I no cause gobe. Bobrisky dey lekki for here as I Dey talk like this like this.

It was revealed that,After checking and running test on him, Bobrisky was told to wait for 2months because his skin damage is 85 percent and that is a big risk. Bobo say no he wants it in 2months and signed all the necessary documents that no one should be held responsible if he dies.THE MATTER NA IF I DIE I DIE.

This Doctor is a very popular doctor, all of Una sabi the doctor but me I no go call name sha make i no spoil the doctor work. I come in peace, Igi Ewedu oni wo pawa o, Dr Anu knife no go touch us o”

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