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BREAKING: Igwe Credo And Ojazzy Reportedly Arrested by Kcee Limpopo

Igwe Credo, who is the manager of Ojazzy Igbonile, creator of Ojapiano sound, and Ojazzy have reportedly been arrested shortly after Kcee Limpopo threatened a lawsuit against them. 

Reports have it that the duo were arrested after they accused Kcee of pocketing royalties from the song “Ojapiano”, which featured the Flautist Ojazzy.

Ojazzy’s manager recently granted an interview to YanBaba’s TV channel, where he spoke about his dealings with his former boss, KCee, and his brother, E-Money. 

During the interview with YanBaba, Igwe Credo revealed how he met Ojazzy and the relationship between him and the young flutist. 

He also shared how KCee treated them when they came to Lagos to record the monster hit tune Ojapiano. Igwe Credo revealed that all he and Ojazzy got paid for their labours on the Ojapiano song and afterward was 200k. 

He listed that monies received from the famous singer as N300,000 payment for an Easter show, N200,000 after Ojapiano was released, and N15,000 for Easter hotel feeding for five days.

On Facebook, he wrote that Since Ojapiano was released, he has been silent, waiting for KCee to come up with contract papers so they can get royalties for their creative input on the song, but all to no avail.

Reacting to the allegations, Kcee who expressed displeasure at Igwe Credo’s action, shared receipts of the payment he made to the latter at different times, which amounted to N1,290,000. 

Kcee showed proofs of money sent to igwe Credo which he cornered and never told Ojazzy about it yet came back to claim he never gave him money.

Kcee accused him of cornering Ojazzy for his selfish interest, and he vowed to sue him.

He also accused Igwe Credo and Ojazzy of performing Ojapiano at events without his permission, stating that the song was his intellectual property. 

KCee also revealed he was yet to receive royalty off the song released five months ago, adding that it was at his discretion to give Igwe Credo and Ojazzy from it if he so pleases. 

In his words, “Ojapiano is my registered song, you will pay for using my song without my permission.”

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