Buhari Commends China, Signs MOU to Strengthening Relations

President Muhammadu Buhari has said if a country is staggered by drastic infrastructural shortfalls, sustainable development will not be possible. He, therefore, reiterated his commitment to bridging infrastructural deficiencies in the country.

He stated this while receiving the State Councillor and Foreign Minister, People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi, at State House, Abuja, yesterday.
The President expressed gratitude to China for its contributions to reducing infrastructural deficits in the country.

“We thank China for its support to us in various ways; in building of rail, road, power, defence, and many others. You are helping us to reduce our severe infrastructural deficits, and we are glad. There cannot be sustainable development without infrastructural development”.

The President has also promised that Nigeria would continue to honor its commitments with China’s people, as they are doing a good job.

Meanwhile, Nigeria and the government of the Peoples Republic of China also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), yesterday, to create an inter-governmental committee that will organize the partnership and relations between both countries.

The Committee is to be co-chaired by Geoffery Onyeama, the Nigeria Foreign Affairs Minister, and Wang Yi, Foreign Minister, People’s Republic of China.

According to Onyeama, the Committee will work to strengthen the cordial relationship between both countries.
Onyeama, who commended the Committee’s creation, pointed out that China attached importance to Nigeria for visiting Nigeria first, which will enhance their relationship.

While responding, Wang Yi, who is visiting Nigeria as the first of the five Africa countries to be seen, hailed President Buhari and President Xi Jinping to build trust in each other, which has helped make the bilateral relationship that exists between the two countries.

He added that since 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nigeria and China, it chooses to begin the year’s diplomatic work from Africa. Nigeria was selected as the first port of call.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said Nigeria is a country with substantial local and international impact, a reason why the Chinese government will trust and support the country. According to him, the two countries will continue to trust and value each other.

Yi added that his country would urge Chinese companies to increase their investments in Nigeria. On its part, the government would continue to share experience and techniques in areas like the digital economy, defense, and many others to Nigeria.

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