Commonwealth of Nations Remains Secured Amidst Queen’s Death – Anyaoku

The future of the Commonwealth of Nations remains secure, according to Emeka Anyaoku, former secretary-general of the organisation, despite the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 96.

Anyaoku called the Queen an extraordinary and noteworthy excellent character when he made this claim in an interview with The Morning on Arise TV on Friday.

He said, “There is a very caring side of Her Majesty, but on the official side, she took her responsibilities with the Commonwealth very seriously. 

“She had audiences with Heads of Governments, and in those audiences, she showed remarkable wisdom and patience with a very unusual knowledge of major past events in Commonwealth countries,” he added.

The British monarchy continues to be an extraordinary asset for the United Kingdom, according to the third Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

Anyaoku asserts that the late Queen served as a focal point and a representation of the nation’s progress.

“In the Commonwealth, the Heads of Government at their meeting in 2018, unanimously agreed on King Charles the III as he has now assumed the responsibility and new symbolic Head of the Commonwealth and I believe that King Charles when he was the Prince of wales identified with the commonwealth. 

“I once hosted a lunch for him and the commonwealth High Commissioners in London. And I had asked him to speak to the High Commissioners without worrying about the media that there would be no media present then displayed excellent knowledge and caring for the Commonwealth.

“I think that the Head of Government has decided that he will continue to assume the responsibility of the headship of the Commonwealth,” he said.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in British history, died on Thursday at 96.

After Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s passing on Thursday, tributes to the late queen have poured in from all over the world.

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