Cossy Ojiakor Dumps Ex-Fiancé Abel, Move On To A Foreigner Man.

Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor seems to have moved on to a new relationship after her recent fight with her fiancé Abel Jurgen.
We reported days ago that Abel Jurgen called off his engagement with the actress, accused her of domestic violence, and shared photos of teeth bite injury gotten from their fight.

We also told you that Cossy later came out to debunk the rumor about her laying a finger on Abel, stating that he is just childish. Cossy later shared a video of her injured face saying Abel is fond of continually beating her.

Cossy and Abel got engaged months ago and are yet to tie the knot officially. It looks like there will no longer be a wedding to attend from these two as Cossy shared a photo of her new man, with the caption:

“Enough of the ex… meet my next, I just love it when he calls me Queen Cossy. No 1 contender… moving on fast.”, “Just get my name tattooed already.”

Though the identity of Cossy’s new man is unknown, judging from the fact that his Instagram page is private, he goes by the name “trongerthaneverbody,” on Instagram, with his bio stating: “I am property of Cossy Ojiakor. Come get me, baby.”

Well, no doubt, that was quite a fast one for Cossy, moving too fast to a new relationship, that’s if it is real.

But then what do you guys think? Do you believe Cossy’s breakup with her German machine to her new guy is all a stunt?

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