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Drake’s Sex Tape hits the internet

Drake has set the internet buzzing for all the wrong reasons after his alleged X-rated video leaked online.

The clip, purportedly featuring Drake semi-naked in bed and performing a sexual act began circulating online. Although the person who leaked the clip is still unknown, it generated enough buzz to get the rapper trending on the number one spot.

Many fans who followed the trend, admitted that they thought the ‘leak’ was probably an unreleased song or a new album. 

One person writing on X (formerly Twitter): “why do I see drake private parts on my timeline????”

Someone else warned their followers: “DO NOT CHECK WHY DRAKE IS TRENDING,” while another post read: “Everyone after watching drake leak video” accompanied by a video collage of people in shock.

There were also a fair share of jokes, with one saying: “Ngl drake really a perfect ass dude bro light skin, unlimited money, drippy and now he has a big dick we can’t compete [heartbreak emoji] [peace sign emoji].”

Among those reacting to the video was popular streamer Adin Ross, who has previously collaborated with Drake.

Despite the uproar, Drake seemed unfazed by the whole situation. In a rather unconventional move, streamer Adin Ross reached out to Drake directly to inquire about the video. 

Ross recorded himself live on one of his streams sending a voice note to Drake, asking if the man in the video was actually him. In response, Drake reportedly “texted” Ross back with eight laughing emojis and even hinted at using the streamer’s voice note as the intro for his next album.

The purported exchange between Drake and Ross has left fans speculating about the singer’s nonchalant attitude towards the scandal. Some are even finding humor in the situation, with one user suggesting that Drake’s response would make a great album intro.

One user expressed their shock by saying, “Wdym drake got lea… OH MY GOSH,” while another lamented, “How do I unseen it.” Others took to social media to caution fellow fans against seeking out the video, with one person advising, “DO NOT CHECK WHY DRAKE IS TRENDING.”

Tunde Ednut, a media celebrity wrote in his blog, “A whole DRAKE, why him go let that kind thing happen nau?”

soberthots: “Not drake leaking his nude to distract y’all from the bbl allegations”.

@Iamchid0: “Drake mightas well start an OF cos there’s no going back”.

@w.u.r.a.h wrote: “Ahhhh just go to X and type drake.. come back and give me feedback ..it’s not for my eyes only.”

hadassah8808 wrote: “Where can I see it please help a sister ???.”

onyinyechukwu______ wrote: “Omo that thing big o ?.”

thevanesaonly wrote: “The thing long come big ooo Momo ma that kind I Dey like.”

evacomedytv_ wrote: “Drake my crush ? abeg someone help me with the video make I watch ?.”

As the controversy continues to unfold, fans eagerly await any official statement from Drake or his representatives regarding the x-rated video.

Meanwhile, Drake’s private parts previously made headlines last year when No Jumper founder Adam22 claimed to have seen a picture of the rapper’s genitals.

Speaking on his podcast, Adam said: “You know what’s crazy? The other day I was around this girl and she just showed me Drake’s dick on her phone. Somehow this just randomly came up and she’s just showing me. I’m not believing it, and she could tell I’m not believing it. I’m like, ‘Yeah, aiight.’

“She goes right back to her fucking text messages, scrolls through the rest of it, shows me a bunch of other selfies and photos of him that I’ve never seen before. And I’m just like, ‘What the fuck?’”

He continued: “She’s still trying to prove it to me more. She goes to the Instagram DM, shows me the fucking full Instagram history with the DM, the blue check, whatever. I don’t know this girl to be a psychopathic liar or anything, but she showed me it.

“And the skin color matched up with the skin color that I would think Drake’s dick would actually be. And I’m not gonna lie — I’m sure you’re wondering right now, ‘Adam, was it big? Was it small?’ The man’s got a missile on him! Like a baby arm, if you will.”

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