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Ex-PA Oye Kyme Spills True Reason Bobrisky wants to Destroy Tonto Dikeh

Bobrisky’s former PA cum pornstar, Oye Kyme, who always had a way of getting in the middle of his fights with Tonto has revealed the true reason Bobrisky wants to destroy Tonto Dikeh.

In a post shared on Instagram, Oye Kyme said Bobrisky’s anger started the day Tonto Dikeh blocked him on the video and photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Oye Kyme stated Bobrisky was pained over Tonto Dikeh’s action and called over twelve people in one hour to report the issue to them, and that Tonto blocking him was like the third war for Bobrisky.

According to Oye Kyme, since the day of the incident, Bobrisky promised to destroy Tonto Dikeh by lying that the actress is a drug addict and pees in bed whenever she’s drunk.

She wrote: Bob’s anger started since the day Tonto blocked him on Instagram on the 22 of February. That blocking really pained him he called 12 people in one hour just to tell them that Tonto blocked him. So since that day, he promised self to destroy Tonto by every way by, example, lie on Tonto that she’s a drug addict and she use to pee  on the bed when she is drunk so that has won’t find a man to take her serious. That blocking was like signing for the third war for bob because he was not expecting Tonto to block him like that. We didn’t sleep that day.”

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