Governor Umahi Has Never Requested 33 Billion Naira Loan – House Leader

The Ebonyi State House of Assembly has debunked rumours that Governor David Umahi wrote to the House requesting approval for a 33 billion naira loan.

The Leader of the House, Victor Chukwu stated this while speaking with newsmen stressing that the Governor has never requested such from the house.

Chukwu Chukwu denied the rumour, claiming it was deliberate extortion and an open lie spread by some opposition figures in the state.

According to him, “the governor or the State Government has not come to the House of Assembly requesting for any form of loan approval. What I hate is this extremism in opposition. I have found out that we live in a country where when citizens suffer indigestion, they blame it on the government or the people representing them. So, it’s always easy to sell any form of falsehood that is anti-government.

“The rumour is false, unfounded and does not represent anything semblance of fact in Ebonyi State.

“I sincerely and openly frown at it especially where my name is being mentioned.

“Of course, I’m the one who does the Business of the House, and I’m the bridge between the government and the Assembly. Outside the fact that it’s not even possible for any sane man to contemplate such a thing, how can somebody be asking for such a loan on behalf of a government that’s going to elapse by May?

“This is a government we all know that has little or no debt hanging on its neck as we speak. No debt from contractors, no debt from civil servants, no debt from anybody. What is the essence of such a request as being alleged by the opposition? This is not only ludicrous to say that Ebonyi Government approached the House of Assembly for N33 billion loan approval request. This rumour is false, misleading and mischievous, and it was orchestrated by the desperate opposition we have in Ebonyi State.”

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