Group Calls Tinubu, Demands Apology For Clark

A group of Niger Delta lawyers known as Niger Delta Lawyers For Equity, NDLF, have demanded an immediate national apology from President Bola Tinubu and the Chief of Army Staff for the reckless attack on the residence of South-South Leader Pa Edwin Clark by soldiers seeking weapons.

This was contained in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Chief Akpokona Omafuaire, and Secretary, Barr Amos David, Secretary, in Warri, the group is demanding an apology within one week.

According to the statement, “We at Niger Delta Lawyers for Equity read with dismay and utter disbelief the raiding of the home of our South-South Leader in a Commando style. We want to believe it is not real.

“We want the President and Chief of Defence Staff to tender an unreserved apologies within one week, failure of which we shall institute a legal action for this great disrespect and international humiliation.

“While everyone condemned the ill-fated incident near Okuama community and commensurate with families of the slain officers. We want to say that the military operations has gone too far and out of control.

“Pa Clark is the face of the South-South and Niger Delta region, he has paid his due in the conflagration called Nigeria. And as a result the raiding of his country home is not only an affront to him but to the whole Niger Delta region and its people.

“We understand that when issues concern the region, the security forces want to show their best destructive skills. If they had deplored same aggression in the insecurity in the North, the issue of Book Haram and bandits will be long gone.

“Pa Clark was one of the first to condemn the killing of soldiers, so why humiliate him for calling for the apprehension of the perpetrators of the heinous crime?

“Can similar action be carried out in the homes of top Fulani and Hausa leaders when such act happened far from their homes in the North?

“We believed it is a calculated move to humiliate and pushed the voice of the Niger Delta region to early grave. As a result we are demanding a national apologies from the President and the Chief of Army Staff and not that caricature call.

“Failure of which within one week, we shall be left with no option but to file an action against them and make a petition to the Amnesty international and United Nation.” The statement added.

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