Group Urges Deltans to vote out the PDP

A Niger Delta organisation operating under the auspices of Delta Face Initiative has urged Deltans to vote out the People’s Democratic Party, the state’s current ruling party because it has failed miserably to develop the state despite receiving various resources and allocations.

The group claimed in a statement signed by Mr. Shola Amoye, the organisation’s convener, that they are sick of politicians whose main objective is to line their wallets at the expense of Deltans.

Additionally, they disputed the assertion that Delta State is a PDP state, charging the incumbent party with failing to support free and fair elections in the state.

“The disputed PDP Governorship primaries, which have gone up to the Supreme Court, is an evidence of the party’s inability to play by the rules in elections.

‘It was high time Nigerians concentrated on voting for individuals whose characters have been tested rather than voting for people because of party loyalty.

” Nigerians have tested two political parties, and they have discovered that they were all the same. Now the people must look at other political parties.

“Now, let’s take a look at PDP in Delta State. They have been ruling the state for more than 20 years now, yet we do not see any meaningful development in the state.

“Nobody can stand with one leg in a particular place for too long. We need fresh legs. We don’t want to be standing with crutches. This party has been ruling the state for too long. We should not look at the party when we vote in the 2023 general election.

“Let us look at what is happening at the Federal level, for instance. We have tested the two parties, and we can now know what to do with them in the next general elections.

“The Obidient movement is a testament that Nigerians have moved beyond the APC and PDP, pitching their tent with Peter Obi, a man of impeccable character and record.

“We challenge Deltans to look beyond partisan politics and vote for a candidate that has the interest of Deltans at heart, that will bring rapid development and growth to the Delta, and from the available records, the PDP and APC have constantly shown that the interest of Deltans is not their concern.

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