GWR- “Chef Dammy Did Not Apply Before Attempting to Break Cooking Record”

The Guinness World Records has said that Ekiti-based chef Damilola Adeparusi did not apply to the body before embarking on her cookathon.

On June 9, 2023, chef Dammy began her 120 hours cook-a-thon to break the yet-to-be-certified record by the current holder, Hilda Bassey who surpassed India’s Lata Tondon, the current record holder for the longest cooking marathon, with 87 hours 45mins in 2019.

Her video triggered reactions amongst some netizens who criticised her for attempting to break Hilda’s ‘yet to be confirmed’ attempt by the Guinness World Record, while others showered her with praises for believing in herself.

Other Netizens asked if Chef Dammy followed the right procedure or if she actually wanted to break a world record. One businessman even went as far as offering to give Dammy N1 million to stop cooking. 

Some Nigerians online accused her of turning off the gas to pick beans while others declared that she should go home and rest, but she continued cooking until she reached 120 hours. 

In an exclusive interview, had with Guinness World Records, it shows that Dammy may not have set out to break any record in the first place. She may just have been cooking for passion or to showcase her skills which many have attested to. 

The body said: 

“We have not received an application for this attempt. Applications can be made via the Guinness World Records website for our records management team to review.

“Once an application is accepted, the record claimant receives a set of detailed guidelines specific to that record category that must be adhered to.

“This also details a list of evidence that must be submitted for our team to verify the record. Guinness World Records maintains a rigorous review process to maintain the integrity of each Guinness World Records title.” 

While some have said Dammy had to wait for one year before attempting to break Hilda’s record, the GWR said there is no waiting time before one can attempt to break an existing record. 

The body said specifically, “There is no waiting time to attempt to break an existing record.” 

Meanwhile, Chef Hilda Baci has been named the Guinness World Record holder for the longest cookathon by an individual, after Hilda cooked for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

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