“I Lost over N450m asset at Magodo” – Emeka lke laments over ill-treatments against celebrities

Nollywood veteran, Emeka lke in an Instagram post, schooled those who devote their time to blasting and trolling celebrities on social media, disclosing how social media trolls push celebrities into pain and depression.

Emeka Ike shared the tragic news of the loss of his property and how people put so much effort into judging things they are not a part of.

Parts of his statement reads;

“Most times when u gear at them online… U HELP EVIL HATERS U don’t know the impacts, on their fragile and already drowning lifes.

“The Jealous comments on their innocent drives by unknown ENEMIES.

“The organsed Judgment, metted out to them in public trolls to derail and misrepresent their core 0BJECTIVES”.

Citing an example, Emeka Ike shared a video on the life and times of Late America actor and Comedian, Gary Wayne Coleman, who was the highest-paid child actor on television throughout the late 1970s and 1980s.

Coleman who struggled financially in later life after his parents squandered his money, and suffered growth deficiency, went into depression after trolls mocked him on social media. Coleman died in 2010, aged 42.

Touching on Coleman’s tragic story, Emeka noted that Celebrities ought to be appreciated, rather than being lambasted and judged.

He concluded by dropping a bombshell on the loss of his half a billion naira asset in Magodo estate, leaving out full details of the loss.

In his words, “I was here and greatful to GOD I made it out. LOST MY over #450m school at Magodo est and nobody asked nor knows the STORY

Stop Judging things u are not a part of

EVIL EXISTS in this world”.

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