It is not the Government that Creates Jobs -Adesina

The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has said government should not be tasked with creating jobs.

Adesina stated this in an interview on Arise Television on Tuesday while speaking on the achievements of his principal in the last eight years

According to Adesida, all the government does is create an atmosphere that makes it easier for the private sector to create jobs.

Speaking on President Buhari’s promise to create 3 million jobs annually in 2015, Adesina said, “Did you say 3 million was the promise? I wouldn’t say he put a figure. What I recall was that President Buhari gave the per cent of joblessness in the country. 

“I wouldn’t recall that he gave a specific figure for the number of jobs we are creating. For all you know, that may have come from anywhere.

“Regard as it may, it is the job and the duty of the government to create an enabling environment for jobs in the country. It is not the government itself that creates jobs. All it does is to create an enabling environment,” he said.

However, Adesina pointed out that Buhari has made progress in all areas, including infrastructure, security, legislative issues, oil and gas, and infrastructure.

He said, “Most of the jobs you need in a country would come from the private sector. As long as you have an enabling environment, it is the private sector that will create the jobs.”

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