Liberian Police Speak On Arresting  Empress Njamah’s Ex-lover

It was all joy and excitement yesterday after reports of Empress Njamah’s Ex-lover and blackmailer, Josh Wade’s arrest hit the internet.

Wade had previously released several nude videos of the actress online after their relationship ended. He also admitted to hitting the actress and seizing her passport. However, he stated that he did this because the actress owes him $450,000.

He revealed that he engaged Empress on the 18th of August, with a ring worth $49,800. But things turned sour.

Josh claimed that the actress ran from their house and went to her brother, Aquila Njamah’s house. Josh further claimed that the actress and her brother were used to scamming men and thought they could scam him because he isn’t a Nigerian.

Months after putting her through a traumatic experience, the law has finally caught up with Josh Wade, as he was recently seen in handcuffs being led out of the country by security operatives.

During a press conference on Monday, April 24, 2023, the Liberian Police Chief revealed that the suspect is Nicholas Jack Davis, not Josh Wade as he claims.

According to him, the 39-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged several times, but he returns to the same crime after being released on bail.

He stated that 20 Liberian women have filed complaints against the suspect, who went by the name Josh Wade in Nigeria and committed a similar act against Empress Njamah.

In his words;

“Notorious scammer Nicholas Jack Davis has been arrested by the Liberian National Police several, investigated, charged, and forwarded to court. Fortunately, he comes out of the court, gets back into the community, and repeats the same actions for which he was previously charged.

There have been several complaints filed against the 39-year-old, of which the suspect has victimized over 20 female victims as a result, he is involved in absconding with their personal properties, and expensive materials.

With the latest report brought against Davis, we began a robot search against him and he was arrested at Miami Beach while attempting to victimize some other females. There is prior information of the suspect carrying the same act in Nigeria on a female actress.

He spent approximately 70 months in the country before committing the crime against the actress. We can assure the public that those female victims will get justice and if anyone has any information about the suspect should visit the Liberian Police Station to register their complaints to ensure the suspect does not go with impunity”.

Meanwhile, while addressing the females in the house, Empress Njamah told them never to be ashamed of telling their stories because women are strong and can’t change narratives.

In her words;

“When you touch a child of grace, you will be disgraced, never underestimate the power of prayer, talk less, and do more. Never be ashamed to tell your story, women are strong beings, hypocrites make una rest, and one strong woman can change the narrative. Walk with your head up high, he without sin cast the first stone. To all the victims I encouraged to speak out, you are all heroes, so many are victims but vultures on social media won’t allow them to speak out. Fake people everywhere, I set a lot free. That’s my joy, I may have lost my entire savings, car, international passport (with visas) valuables but not my life…

“Our stories will be told someday, we are superwomen. Today the world showed that true love exists. This is just the beginning, if I have the love of 88 percent the remaining 2 percent this victory is for you ONLY A FOOL WILL SAY THERE IS NO GOD. We move, thanks for the genuine love so far, women you are strong, am not the type to chase clout and you know this. I have a lot to say and educate most of you but with time una go get sense, I will never take this LOVE for granted…

Am off to make more arrests and I never failed”.

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