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Mark Angel makes about $300,000 per month – Alibaba

Comedian and businessman, Atunyota Akpobome aka Alibaba, has revealed that Mark Angel is one of the highest earning comedians in Nigeria.

Speaking during an interview on the Honest Bunch podcast with OAP Nedu, Husband Material, Toun and Ezinne, the veteran comic act said many people find it hard to believe that Mark Angel makes about $300,000 every month.

He said most of the comedian’s wealth comes from content and ad revenues on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

According to the comedian, the people who pay for the services content creators like Mark Angel offer are very well aware of the value they provide.

He added that many tie the wealth of content creators to a rich spouse or family member, thereby dwindling the person’s hard work.

Alibaba recalled how he earned his own millions for the first time in 1995 when he was paid N1.6 million for an alcohol brand tour.

“You know some people still don’t believe that Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians until somebody then hears how much YouTube, Faceebook pay him every month.

You will hear somebody [Mark] is making close to 300,000 dollars every month and you are like ‘is it not that guy that wears big knicker.

If he were dating a banker or if he was dating a politician or somebody who works in an oil and gas company, they will be like ‘it is the oil and gas money. because they do not know the intricate factor that drives how much money the person makes.”

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