NGF Urge to Meet, Discuss political and security solutions to National Problems

Ahead of the general elections in 2023, the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) has been urged to call a meeting to discuss new concerns.

The founding Director General of the NGF and chairman, Governors’ Mandate Group, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, stated this in an interview with Journalists on Friday.

In order to protect political processes at the subnational level, state governors, according to Onaiwu, must gather to analyze the many threats facing the polity, share ideas, and offer potential political and security solutions to address the issues. This is especially important as electioneering activities reach their peak.

The politician observed that threats from non-state entities like insurgents, bandits, militants, and secessionists could not be wished away. He stated that in the current state of affairs in Nigeria, substantial portions of the country are under the control of armed individuals, a situation that might seriously jeopardize the integrity of the polls.

“We keep hearing cases of arsonist attacks on INEC facilities in the Southeast. Police and other security agencies are not even spared.

“As of today, there are whole local governments and federal highways that people cannot dare go to because of banditry.

“These are places where elections should hold but with the prevailing circumstances, a lot is left to be desired,” Onaiwu said.

However, the public relations specialist thinks that governors may give a rapid fix to the problem with “critical thinking and frank dialogues.”

“I know my governors, many of them are familiar with their terrain and under the right atmosphere and support, these challenges can be effectively tackled before the elections,” he said.

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