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Nigerians Argues Over The Movie Oloture And Citation, Which Is Better.

Of the truth, the Nollywood movie industry has really evolved, at least we are beginning to have features on Netflix and most important international recognition.

Well, when we see good quality movies, we don’t relent in giving it the proper accolades it deserves. and in some cases, we when think the movie has loads of lapses, we still do not relent in criticizing it to the fault.

Guess that is the case of Oloture and citation, as Nigerians can’t help but compare which is better than which, as both movies have a storyline that is both touching.

The movie Oloture with Sharon Oja as the lead character has a storyline that centers on sex trafficking, while the Citation is centered on sex for grades, with Temi Otedola playing the lead.


Well here are few reactions from Nigerians over the debate between Oloture and citation which is better than which, which is overrated and which is not, and finally which is overhyped and which is not, Which has the best storyline and which doesn’t?

Well, many think Oloture didn’t end well, but though the storyline is great. Others think Citation is way better than Oloture and should not be compared at all.

Well despite the comparison, some feel both movies are good just the way they are and as they both have a different storyline.

But then, what are your thoughts on this, Oloture and citation have you seen the movie? What is your take on both movies?

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