Nigerians Have Lost Faith in the Current Administration – Falana

Femi Falana, a human rights attorney, claimed that “the man” in Aso Rock and “those” wishing for his replacement are weary.

He made this claim at the Labour Party National Retreat in Abuja.

He said, “The man in Aso Rock said I am tired and I want to go home. Those who want to take power are also tired. The power lies in the street now.”

Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Falana stated that Nigerians have lost faith in the current administration and said that the elections in 2023 won’t be business as usual.

He urged the youths not to submit to intimidation and reminded them that their votes held power.

He asserted that the opposition party would attempt to buy votes and pointed out that they had done so by turning poverty into a weapon.

Falana urged Labour Party members to avoid engaging in such activity, pointing out that their organisation has the largest human population in the nation.

He said, “And what do they want to do? They want to bribe voters because they have weaponised poverty. Therefore, you cannot operate on the same terrain. You have the largest structures in Nigeria. Please go out today to revitalise those structures.

“It is not business as usual in Nigeria again. Time is on our side. Because Nigerians have lost faith. They are now running from pillar to post when they say you have no structure. Tell them the people are the structure. Power is lying on the street,” he said.

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