NPC to Carry out Digital Population Census

The Chairman of the National Population Commission, NPC, Alhaji Nasir Isa Kwarra, has announced that the organisation is prepared to conduct the nation’s first reliable digital population census the following year.

Responding to questions from reporters after touring RLG/Adulawo Technology City Ilesa, Osun state on Thursday, Kwarra, who was represented by Federal Commissioner Dr. Clifford Zirra, representing Adamawa state, said the commission had set the minimum acceptable standards for all of its partners to protect the integrity of the exercise.

In accordance with the federal government’s instruction to support local manufacturers to perform the 2023 census, he said, the team was in the state to check RLG/Adulawo Technology City in Ilesa, an ICT assembly plant, to ensure that it can deliver.

He said, “We are a pacesetter. We are now going to conduct a digitised census for the first time in the history of Nigeria and the history of Africa. We want to do something very acceptable and of great standard. That is why we want to associate ourselves with people who can give us value, the value that would ensure we deliver on our mandate.

“We have a lot to do in terms of mobilisation, manpower and logistics to ensure effective exercise next year, that is why we are here to look at what they have. For now, we have a team of Federal Commissioners, the Director-General and the management staff of the commission, who are vast in technology and know what we need. We are discussing, and by the time we reach the bridge, we will cross it over. We have started a discussion, and we pray we get it on time. I am hopeful that they have not disappointed us. We have a timeline, and we have to ensure that we meet the deadline.

“We are here because of the local content policy of the government. But of course, the local content has to meet standards for us to get it right. We will, in line with presidential directive, also ensure compliance with standards in making sure that standard is maintained”.

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