Our Place Must Develop – Gov Otti

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State stated that his administration is not battling anyone but is simply concerned with recovering plundered funds and establishing good governance.

Otti made the statement in Nvosi during a solidarity visit by various groups and supporters of Chief Rowland Chinwend, who represents the Isialangwa South state constituency.

He stated that his goal is for Abia state to prosper and develop and that if the project is not discovered, the immediate prior administration will repay the N10 billion spent on the airport. 

He stated that his administration would soon begin a medical city project in Abia to bring people with major health concerns to the state for proper medical care.

Otti stated that what his administration is doing in the state is really a rehearsal, as he is more devoted to providing democratic dividends in his second year. 

He described Hon. Chinwendu and his supporters’ solidarity visit as a good omen and thanked the lawmaker for his support in the State House of Assembly.

Speaking further, he disclosed that they have been working together since the inception of the 8th Assembly.

He said, “I established forensic audit of our account as soon as I was sworn in and the report turns out that a lot of money was looted , stolen brazenly and part of the one I mentioned was the N10 billion Abia airport project. They started insulting me. If you follow what is happening in the media, you would know that what I said is true.

“We are looking for our money. If we are not able to find the airport, they would have to refund us our money. We are not pursing anybody, they should refund the money they stole, let’s use it to work for our people.

“Our place must develop. We will continue to build road , we will continue to be cleaning up the environment, we will continue to create jobs , we will continue to put our state on the map.

“Our educational system must be completely revamped, our hospital system must not only work but will be to that level where the rest of the world is today.”

In his speech, Hon. Rowland Chiwendu, Member of the Isialangwa South State Constituency, stated that the people of Isiala Ngwa South sent him to the House to represent their interests with its democracy dividends, emphasising that he cannot afford to be seen as an opponent to the Governor, who is from the same council area as himself. 

The congressman, while congratulating Otti on the ongoing renovation of the Umuikaa-Umuene road, among other projects in the area, stated that he gathered his supporters to identify with him and tell him that they are pleased of his achievements in office.

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