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Popular skit maker Isbae U faces allegations of sex-for-skit roles

 Skitmaker, Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi, popularly known as BaeU Barbie, Isbae U, or just BaeU has been under the heat after some alleged victims spoke up on how he demands sex before featuring females in his skits.

Popular Instagram blogger, Gistlovers received and posted screenshots of evidence from the ladies who spoke about their various encounters with the skit maker.

Some narrated how Bae U had his way with them and the others narrated how he refused to let them on set, likewise giving them roles on his skits for refusing to sleep with him.

As of Sunday, Isbae U became a subject of discussion, topping social media trends especially on Twitter with over 10,000 tweets.

The allegations elicited several reactions as seen below;

Razak Adeniyi @RazaqDesigner said: “He asked for sex to feature you in his skit. It’s your choice to agree or decline.”

@__izuchukwu argued: So bae u asks for sex in exchange for a role (haven’t seen any instances of rape) All these girls had two options: 1. Kindly refuse, 2. 2. Accept the terms, 3. Most of them accepted and now they’re blaming him for what exactly?

@letveeplay posited that: “They’re not blaming him, they are calling him out. Just as he can demand for sex from them, they can call him out on it too. It is not commendable that you chat up girls, offer to do a skit with them and then tell them they must sleep with him first. It is wrong.

@phamography_ said: “Listen, what Bae U did is absurd and morally wrong. I’m in no support of such. However, he hasn’t committed any crime.”

@drpenking said: “Imagine how Bae U girlfriend will feel about realizing that she is dating a video call preeq after probably boasting to all her friends that she got the best guy in the world, popular and all. May we not date somebody that will turn us into a National embarrassment”.

@ireunusal advised: This Bae U and Mason Greenwood matter are synonymous, and its talking about the weakness of a man when it comes to “SEX” men should learn to control their urges, incase u never know, women can finish your career in life if u can’t control ur sexual urge as a man, Caution Kings!

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