President Not Interested In Excuses,  Tunji-Ojo Tells  Agency Leaders

The minister of interior, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has urged agency leaders to act on their commitments because the nation is at a turning point and desperately needs change.

The Minister reaffirmed the President’s directive to put all hands on deck while speaking at a briefing with the acting controller general of immigration, Caroline Adepoju, and controller general of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa.

He said: “I am just returning from a meeting with the president. He is not interested in excuses. We must work and deliver. Anyone who cannot help Nigeria record progress must be kicked out because we can actually be great.

“Let me know your challenges. I am here to help you solve them. When you solve them and record successes, I am also successful. The time of talks is gone. So, keep your talk. Let us discuss solutions.

“Nigerians should not have to queue endlessly to get passports. No, this must stop. This is not the Nigeria of our dreams. I need to know the challenges the agency is facing.

“We must all come together to deploy and invest our expertise to resolve them. Nigerians will take us up on our promises. If we have officers who are not ready for this rigorous process, we will excuse them.”

He emphasized to the agency heads that the Tinubu-led government was more interested in taking action to create value and growth than it was in the customary lectures and essay presentations.

He said: “Talks have not taken us anywhere as a nation. We must get it right. The Ministry of Interior is the heart of any nation. I want you to return to your tables and bring up action plans. It is my job to ensure the ministry is working.”

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