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Prince Kpokpogri Confess to sleeping with Janemena in Leaked Audio

After a prolonged denial and coverups, an Instagram blogger has released an audio of Prince Kpokpogri confessing to his sexual escapades with married dancer, Janemena, as earlier alleged by his Ex-lover, Tonto Dikeh.

After Tonto Dikeh’s relationship with Kpokpogri ended, she decided to keep the public abreast of the kind of man he is, so she disclosed that Kpokpogri has several explicit tapes of the popular married dancer, Jane Mena, in his possession as well as those of other married women, celebrities and single ladies. The actress added that if he had not blackmailed them with it yet, it was only a matter of time before he does so.

“This may be a good time to say @janemena this man has so much of your sex tapes with him in his possession (old and very recent). Not just you but a lot of other married women, celebrities and single girls too… “If he hasn’t blackmailed any of you yet it’s a matter of time!!” 

Jane didn’t take this allegation likely so she filed a lawsuit against Tonto after she and Kpokpogri denied ever having an encounter.

Kpokpogri also went as far as apologizing to Janemena’s husband and her entire family, because of the drama which stirred up as a result of his crashed relationship with Tonto.

After the many on and off controversies surrounding the alleged sex tape issue, audio alleged to be a conversation between Prince Kpokpogri and a woman, where he confessed to sleeping with Instagram dancer, Jane Mena has surfaced online.

In the audio, he narrated how he sleeps with the married woman from morning till evening, and how she doesn’t get tired. He also disclosed that Jane was the one who married her husband and not the other way round.

He said, “Me and Jane fit dey for house dey f**k from morning till evening. If we tire, we rest then continue. Na she marry her husband, no be the guy marry her.

We don do different types of dirty sex. She tell me say the kind sex wey I dey give am, her husband never give am for 9 years. Every time I think of her, I dey get erection”.

Listen to the audio here:

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