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Rema faces backlash over alleged traumatizing Satanist concert

Divine Ikubor, known professionally as Rema is currently facing a heavy backlash over his recent show at London’s O2 Arena, which many have tagged a “Satanist concert”.

On November 14th, Rema headlined an event at the well-known O2 Arena where he gave an exhilarating performance.

The 23-year-old singer started the show on the back of a horse, followed by a ride at the back of a bat while some images displayed were said to be disturbing.

 A large number of fans had a great time, but some left feeling uneasy and disturbed.

A fan’s narrative became particularly notable after she shared her traumatic experience on TikTok. 

Her video, which quickly spread online, details her distress caused by what she perceived as “Satanist and devilish symbols” at the concert. This fan’s discomfort was so acute that she accused the singer of trying to steal the souls of her fans with his alleged demonic presentation, causing her to leave the show early.

She said in part, “No guys, I have no words for Rema’s concert. My fury is, all those stuff he was doing for fun or whatever was to lure us into the demonic shit he tried to do today. From when he started that chanting, I didn’t hear a damn thing he was saying. Even one girl I was talking to, she said the whole time, she felt possessed. I started praying; hell no; we had to leave early.”

Other attendees echoed similar sentiments post-concert, describing elements they found “bizarre” and “weird,” including the use of imagery some interpreted as evil or Satanic. This has started discussions among fans and critics about Rema’s artistic intentions and the impact of such imagery in performances.

The controversy around Rema’s use of ‘satanic symbols’ isn’t a new development. Earlier, a concert in Ethiopia was canceled due to concerns about the imagery on his album cover, which depicted an inverted cross and a burning church. The Ethiopian authorities were uneasy about the album’s vibe and its potential association with Satanism.

Rema had previously refuted claims linking him to Satanism, but with these new issues surfacing from his London concert, the public is curious about his response.

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