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Ruger Attacks Dj Dimplenipple for Sex for Job Allegations against his Boss Dprince

Singer Ruger, who just got out of a sexual assault from his female fan, has taken the luxury of responding to DJ Dimplenipple’s sex for work allegations against his boss, Dprince.

A few hours ago, In a series of posts on her Instagram story, DJ Dimple Nipple claimed that D’Prince had invited her to a hotel to discuss business but she had turned down the physical invite and demanded a three-way call.

Dj Dipple revealed that she was surprised when the singer didn’t respond to her after she turned down the request, and was shocked when he blocked her instead.

Calling him out, she rebuked his attitude and questioned how upcoming entertainers are expected to grow if they all demand sexual intercourse from the female newbies.

Ruger, who is signed to D’Prince’s management label, Jonzing World Record, stood up for his boss by slamming the DJ.

He vowed to use legal action on her as he called her several unprintable names. He stated that DJ Dimple Nipple must have done several hooks up for her to insinuate that D’Prince wanted sex from her.

Taking to his Instagram story, he wrote, “@djdimplenipple you are the true meaning of a b*tch and a low life and we go use legal actions deflate that ur rotten yansh hediat. You don too do hook up sotey Dem call you for serious meeting you still think say na hook up”.

Also reacting, On air personality, N6 described the dancer as one with ‘olosho mentality’. He wrote: “Some of una babes don get this olosho mentality choke for head sotey dem call you for business meeting at a hotel you think say na for nacks.

Fumbled an entire bag because you jumped to silly conclusions. I’m so disappointed. Ladies do better abeg”.

See other reactions;

aimthamachine_ said: “She’s pained she was blocked. D Prince even suggested another alternative but na she dey foam for mouth. E good as e block her abeg.” 

zidanethebunny said: “Hotel is not for only knacks sha. Some churches even hold services there. She was too quick to jump into conclusions cos once some people hear hotel like this, they’re picturing white bedsheets and pillows.” 

anniesenhancebeauty said: “Hotels are actually the best place for meetings though. If he said house, it would have been different. I mean hotels have different options not just bedrooms. But na only God know every man’s heart.” 

iteegoigbo said: “You no go blame them sometimes. They have been into runs. So anytime they mention hotel, they mind will be its all for sex. Say no to olosho mentality.”

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