Saraki Point Security as Major Focus of Presidential Campaign

Ahead of the 2023 presidential race, an aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),  Bukola Saraki, has said security is a major focus of his presidential campaign.

The former Senate President stated this on Sunday when he met with PDP Delegates and Leaders in Kaduna State. He noted that without security, communities could not develop. He added that If he becomes Nigeria’s president,  he will halt the security challenges in Kaduna state.

“This is why, when I met with the PDP Delegates and Leaders in Kaduna State today, I pledged that with their support, when I become the next President of Nigeria, I will end the insecurity in Kaduna, across the North West, and all-around Nigeria,” Saraki declared.

He added that “once upon a time, people could safely drive, fly by plane, and take the train from Kaduna to other states. Today, with the insecurity around Kaduna, travelling to and from the state has become dangerous and quite tedious.

“Therefore, I will ensure that we deploy the latest tools, equipment, and technology to bring an end to banditry and terrorism across the nation.”

Recently, Saraki had condemned the Federal Government for poor handling of the security situation in the country.

He noted that the inability to hold anyone accountable is the reason behind the continuous security challenges in the country.

The former lawmaker stressed that the country needs a leader like himself who has proven competence to man the number one seat.

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