Shekarau Calls Tinubu To Implement 2014 Confab Report

A former Governor of Kano State, Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, has asked President Bola Tinubu to implement some of the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference Report on community policing and restructuring.

 the former Minister of Education stated this on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Thursday.

He said, “I have gone through that document. It is 2014 during (Goodluck) Jonathan’s government. He personally handed it over publicly at Eagle Square to President (Muhammadu) Buhari and nothing was done about it.”

“I’ll advise President Tinubu to dust it up. Maybe set up a small committee to review it and see things that are doable. Most of these things that we are talking about are there.”

State police and reforms that “allow the bottom-up structure of government” were promoted by the former governor. He said it is necessary for some individuals to correctly participate.

Nigeria requires community policing, with the government acting as the coordinator, according to Shekarau, who praised the President and state governors for considering the establishment of state police.

Shekarau noted that state police cannot be successful without traditional institutions and the involvement of the community.

He said at least 50,000 policemen should be recruited annually into the Nigeria Police Force.

Shekarau’s remarks on the 2014 Confab Report were made approximately ten years after President Goodluck Jonathan and other prominent figures arranged the gathering to present feasible recommendations for advancing the nation.

The late, renowned jurist Justice Idris Kutigi (retd.) served as the dialogue’s chairman when it got underway on March 17, 2014.

About 494 Nigerians from various backgrounds attended the conference over a period of approximately five months. Over 600 recommendations were made during the conference, which cost about N10 billion. These included ideas for reorganizing Nigeria’s political, economic, social, and security structures in order to put an end to protests from various geopolitical groups and establish enduring peace.

Meanwhile, the recommendations of the confab have not been implemented by successive administrations.

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