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Skitmaker, Trinity Guy reacts after Police PRO called for his arrest over his extreme pranks

Nigerian content creator, Trinity Guy, has reacted after the spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force, Muyiwa Adejobi, called for his arrest over his extreme pranks.

It was earlier reported that Muyiwa Adejobi had taken to social media to call for the arrest of the Ibadan-based prankster over his recent prank video.

In the video, Trinity Guy, who is popular for his expensive pranks, is seen pretending to be killed by a gunshot, scaring unsuspecting passersby.

The prank apparently didn’t sit well with the police PRO, and he took to social media to express his disapproval.

He shared one of Trinity Guy’s worrisome pranks on his Instagram page, calling for his arrest. He urged people affected by the skitmaker’s pranks to report him to the authorities.

“This doesn’t make any sense, and I think the guy should have been arrested. Those individuals who feel the heat and fear of the pranks should report the pranksters, as many of their pranks are criminal, immoral, and evil. These women have a good case against him,” he wrote.

On Twitter, he added, “We have warned them severally. When nothing happens, nothing happens, but when something happens, consequences will surely follow. They will soon realize the dangers attributed to the excessiveness of doing unguided pranks.”

Trinity Guy, however, appeared unfazed but rather pleased by the buzz the video caused online. In his response, he shared a link to an online publication about Mr. Adejobi’s statement with the caption, 

“I am trending, Alhamdulillah, not for the wrong reasons.”


@barrisangel1 wrote; “Imagine doing this to my mum I second the motion for his arrest so he can find something else to do”.

@xii_lion said, “E reach to arrest the guy! The harassment he put people through on the street is enough”.

@itsmidiofficial said, “I like her! She applied wisdom and prayer. When she heard the second gun shot, it meant time to run”.

@wendy_adammaaaaa wrote, “This is cringe worthy. Imagine doing this to a woman with high bp? All in the name of content.”

@djspicey wrote, “omo i couldn’t hold the laugh again abeg. That cele woman leave God las las & japa ni sha”.

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