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“They  want me to remarry, 20 years after losing my husband”– Actress Regina Chukwu

Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu, says her children want her to give love another chance, 20years after her husband’s death.

In a recent interview, the single mother of two said, “Before now, I had always said that I did not want to remarry. But now, my kids are even worried for me, and they wish I would give love a chance. So, let’s say I am open for anything good (laughs).”

Regina earlier narrated how being a widow and having to cater for two children at such a young age devasted her.

“So it happened that, when I had to take my sick husband (now late) back to the village as I have exhausted all avenues possible to see that his health improves, so I decided to take him back to his parents so we could all know what next to do.

“I left Amaka with my parents back here in Lagos and went with the little baby I just had. After some months their father eventually died and I was shattered, turning a widow at that young age wasn’t something I had bargained for, it was indeed the most confused, painful, devastating, excruciating time of my life (still is) I didn’t even know what to feel or do. Now as the customs of the land demand my children had to be present.

“I had one with me, so my mum brought Chiamaka who was just 2yr old then, the little girl was just so happy to see mummy, every other thing she doesn’t understand (lol) I looked at her and fresh tears made their ways down my cheek, I said to myself ‘how I go take do am now’ in my 20’s with 2 kids HOW REGINA, HOW’ II remember, I was sitting down there with ZERO NAIRA BALANCE, we had spent everything we had trying to save their father’s life, not even a good piece of cloth to my name …… so sorry guys tears won’t let me continue …. Gat to stop here.”

Regina Chukwu lost her husband four years into her marriage and has since then refused to remarry until recently.

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