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Woman takes daughter to Pastor Yul Edochie for prayers as she ventures into acting

A Nigerian woman who holds Nollywood actor cum preacher Yul Edochie in high esteem was recently captured online requesting the spiritual blessings and physical mentorship of the actor, on behalf of her daughter who was recently venturing into the entertainment industry.

In the viral video, the woman is shown with her daughter bravely approaching the movie star on set, requesting his blessings for her daughter as both a revered actor and spiritual leader.

Yul Edochie greeted them warmly and took over immediately. Yul in his element began his prayer with the aspiring actress kneeling before him, bestowing blessings on her to prosper and grow in the fast-paced world of the film industry.

 Watch the video here.

In a different news, Yul Edochie has encouraged his fans and followers that things in Nigeria will improve, but those who have in bountiful should assist those in need.

In his words;

“Yes, everywhere get as e be for Naija now, but all will be well. Things will get better. We pin here. u In the meantime, anything you can do to support others, please don’t hesitate to do it. Life is short. None of us will be here forever. Spread LOVE. YUL EDOCHIE.”

By Ezinne Okorie.

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