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Women Are Always Seen As Righteous, Says Duncan Mighty As He Accuses His Wife, Vivien, And Her Family Members Of Taking His Properties.

A lot seems to be happening in the entertainment industry, especially with celebrities and their relationships, either with their wives, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend.

Nigerian singer Duncan Wene mighty Okechukwu, popularly known as Duncan mighty, took to his Instagram page to allege that his wife Vivian and her entire family members are plotting to ruin his career and inflict him with an illness just to take over his properties.

You’ll recall that, on several occasions, the Port Harcourt first son, has been accused of beating his wife, even strangers on the street on several occasions, which he has also come out to debunk that such has never happened before.

Wene mighty who already have two kids with his wife Vivian shared a lengthy post on Instagram, alleging that his wife Vivian ganged up with her family members to take over his properties, after inflicting him with an illness.

Duncan went on to say in the post that, he has audio recordings of their confession, which he will release to the general public soon if they want to deny ever conniving to take over his properties of inflicting him with an illness.

Sharing screenshots of his allegations, the singer captioned the post “GOD CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN FOR A SO UNWORTHY PERSON LIKE ME. NOTE! these confessions have recorded proof and other legit and clean evidence”

The Koli water crooner in another post on his Instagram page, shared photos and phone numbers of his wife’s family, her mother charity Nwakanma, her elder sister maria Nwakanma, and her brother bright Nwakanma. He wrote

“I refuse to make this public simply because when it comes to social media the woman must be righteous and will become even more famous cuz no man has ever been right here and I was thinking she was manipulated not until the worst happened 3days ago am waiting for their response cuz since 3days now the same people threatening how they’ll end my carrier by granting false information to the media have all refused to pick up their phones”

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