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Yhemo Lee and his new girlfriend split barely 5 months after getting matching tattoos

Popular singer Yhemo Lee and his new girlfriend have reportedly gone their separate ways barely 5 months after they got matching tattoos to strengthen their relationship.

It would be recalled that the singer found love again in the arms of another woman after his ex-girlfriend, Tayo accused him of cheating on her.

He and his new girlfriend took things to the next level, as they were seen getting matching tattoos to show their mutual affection.

However, the couple’s relationship has apparently hit the rocks as a check on Instagram has revealed that they have both unfollowed each other on social media.

Although they haven’t revealed the reason for their break up, close sources say Yhemo Lee couldn’t enjoy the taste of his own medicine as karma came knocking.

Apparently, Yhemo Lee broke up with his new girlfriend after he caught her with another man in bed, an informant revealed in a Snapchat story.

The news has since triggered the following reactions:

Gbogbotogbo_store: “Team tayo say hi😂😂😂😂😂this one sweet me!”.

@Barneygram: “ear women ke? Abi dear men! Lol Tayo Dey go gym Dey do her business but the man hurriedly went into a relationship and you think he won’t come out in a hurry?? 😂😂😂😂

AGARACHA must come back to base. 😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

XX_tobi: “Oh God of Thayour🥰my baby will stop posting heartbroken TikTok videos🥰”.

Folagold: “Gist wey we Dey manage for snap😂😂e don reach headquarters no time 😂”.

Darkmuffen: “When men cheat una no go fear them ,when women cheat all hell will break loose .Sense or nonsense .Una mind no go touch ground .Yhemo too na agba cheat 😂😂😂 yhemo 1 Bibi 1😂”.

that_toxic-gurl remarked: “Love in 02 arena 😂laugh wan wound me 😂😂”

sebator_rfg said: “Lmao u will learn the hard way I move 😂😂😂”

poshest_hope wrote: “Why all yhemo lee babes Dey ch£at!? Abi him kini isn’t working well? Tor”

lyrics_dmw opined: “I Dey suspect say this yemolee no sabi knack maybe na why dem Dey cheat on am”

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