“You will remain poor in life”- OPM Pastor Cibuzor Place Curses on Happie Boys in Leaked Voice Note

The founder of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, cursed unending poverty on the Happie boys for being ungrateful.

It will be recalled that the former Chicken Republic security staff, popularly known as Happie Boys, who went viral after they were fired for dancing on duty caught the attention of Apostle Chibuzor, who immediately sent them to Cyprus to study on a scholarship.

A few days ago, the Happie boys took to social media to reveal that they were forced to drop out of school after six months due to a lack of funds and even a good job that’ll accommodate their work and schooling.

According to the duo, the man of God abandoned them because of money, and getting a job has been very difficult. They went on to share their chats with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere where they requested money from him several times and he said he was broke and on other occasions ignored the messages.

Captioning the post, they wrote: “We want to use this medium to thank each and every one of you out there more especially my fans, family & @papa.opm who helped us fly abroad to school which we are so grateful!! After GOD used @gossipmilltv to show the world our inbuilt talent from GOD & we’re forever grateful to GOD for looking after us, sustaining and providing for us for the past 8 months which the scholarship lasted for only 6 months and us who didn’t come from rich homes dropped out from school because is very hard for anyone to get a job here in Cyprus! Ask @ogenecyprus .. Living in the country became so expensive but GOD in heaven is seeing his children through!! “Let Love Lead”🙏🏻🥀 Who no go no know! #happinessisfree #freeshallipopi”.

Reacting to this, Apostle Chibuzor in an audio making the rounds online expressed displeasure over their ingratitude.

According to him, money used in sponsoring the boys to Cyrus was gotten from members’ tithes and offerings, but instead, the boys have decided to pay him back with evil.

Apostle Chibuzor rained unending curses on them, promising that they would beg for crumbs throughout their entire existence.

In his words,

“I place the curse from the pain in my heart, that doing good becomes evil. You didn’t pay one Naira, it is from offerings and tithe dropped on the altar, what other pastors used in buying private jets, I said let me use it to help you and now I did you good from my heart and you used evil to pay me.

“You will remain poor forever, you will never achieve anything in life, irrespective of where you are, you will suffer poverty if there are clothes I bought for you, you sell those clothes to feed, you will become so wretched”.

See some reactions below:

mr_jason___ said: “Y’all are here bashing them, yes the man tried but Cyprus is the wrong east place to send someone to for scholarships if you can’t fully sponsor the person, una Dey always believe say ba every country better pass Naija. What this kids needed was maybe 2m each and they will be just fine or maybe 5m naira and both of them could have opened a business.” 

Tweet_noel reacted: “Was the scholarship not supposed to cover the entire study time? This is why it’s always good to avoid publicity.” 

@neverpipedown_ said: “Daddy said he doesn’t have money like before.” 

@chyke49 said: “You guys should try and get work and has done the best he can do.” 

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