50 Cent reveals what he will do after seizing the assets of a former employee who stole $6.2M from him

50 Cent has shared a photo of the employee who stole $6.2M from him while disclosing what he intends to do with the man’s seized assets. 

Mitchell Green, the former brand management director of the champagne company Le Chemin du Roi, was convicted of stealing millions of dollars from 50 Cent’s champagne company. 

Media reports suggest that Mitchell Green, who was previously the spirits company’s Director of Brand Management, allegedly increased the prices of the product and was “getting kickbacks from wholesalers to the tune of $2.2 million in so-called ‘agency fees’.” 

Following two years of allegedly stealing money from 50 Cent, Green confessed because someone threatened to expose him. 

An arbitrator determined that Green must return the immoral gains, as well as an additional $948,096 paid to a wholesaler and an additional $2.7 million in attorneys’ expenses, for a total payment of almost $6 million. 

Then, in June 2022, a Manhattan judge confirmed the arbitrator’s decision. 

However, Green petitioned to appeal the ruling, which was denied and led to an additional charge of $89,305.50 in attorney’s fees in November 2022. 

Now, 50 Cent is doubling down on getting paid his dues. 

On Instagram, he reposted an article with the headline “50 Cent Ready To Seize Ex-Employee’s Property Over $6M Lawsuit.” 

“Look I need that by Monday!” 50 Cent wrote in his caption. 

Today, March 15, 50 Cent shared a photo of a house he intends to seize from Green. He also shared a photo of Mitchell Green and his wife and wrote: “I think i’m gonna put Epoxy floors in this place. I’m gonna keep it

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