Abel Jurgen, Ex-Boyfriend To Nollywood Actress Cossy Ojiakor Finally Got Rid Of Her Name He Tattooed On His Body.

Abel Jurgen, the ex-boyfriend of Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor, has covered the actress’s name he tattooed on his hand.

You recall the actress and her ex-boyfriend Abel had a serious fight, where the actress accused him of abusing her physically, which Abel came out to debunk the rumour that he never touched her.

Abel had earlier hinted he would get rid of Cossy Ojiakor’s name, which he tattooed on his hand after he called off their engagement in 2020.

Well, Abel finally took the bold step, as he took to his Instagram page, to share a photo of his arm with the actress name erased.

He further went on to state in his post that Cossy had hired people to hack into his social media accounts. He wrote; 

“After covering up some #tattoos on my body. And after months of not chatting not talking to my #ex she decided to get someone to hack my account though she couldn’t get my Instagram, Facebook and yahoo mail accounts, just my Gmail account, and I lost almost all my contacts, though it’s cool I still got 2 more gmails accounts… #fuck #fuckmyex #ilovebeingfree.”

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