Abonta Charges Lawmakers To Have Political Will To Do The Needful

A member of the Ninth House of Representatives, Uzoma Abonta, has commended President Bola Tinubu for his prompt effort in passing bills that will benefit Nigerians and urged the Tenth Assembly to follow in the footsteps of the President. 

The lawmaker stated this on Monday, during his appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily. While commending the president on his prompt removal of fuel subsidy, he argued that if the President had waited to engage in consultations with stakeholders, he would have lost the political will to take action.

He said, “The house will have a big role to play in terms of their oversight function, in terms of enabling legislation that will guide that. So, Mr President will also be quick to assent to the law. The house should also be ready, having the political will to do the needful.

“Some people were blaming Mr President that he was too hasty, too quick to do the removal. No, if he had started unnecessary consultations, he would have lost the political will. So, he took the right step and the right direction for that subsidy.” 

Abonta claimed that while programs had been created in the past to ease the country’s misery, their implementation had been lacking, which contributed to their failure.

“Our problem now is implementation and carrying out a desired result. I want to thank the President for having the political will to take away the subsidy,” he said.

“I also think if he allows that political will to trickle down, the house — if they have the political will — would do the needful.”

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