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Actor Yemi Solade opens up on battling depression

The public at large apparently thinks celebrities have it all figured out and have things going on smoothly for them. However, veteran Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade has taken the hard route to falsify this notion.

Yemi Solade in a recent Instagram post opened up on battling depression. 

Although he didn’t give much detail about the situation, he shared a photo of himself covering his face and with hashtags on depression, but failed to expatiate on what kept him in low spirits, with the caption “God, please”.

He went on to share a cryptic post stating that to live and survive in Nigeria, one must belong to “the cult.”

“To live and survive in Nigeria, one must belong to the cult”, he added in another post.

Reacting to the posts, his colleagues and fans stormed the comment section asking him to stay strong.

See some reactions below:

woliagba wrote: “Sir, you are a blessing. You are never a failure. Keep hopes alive. I love you. Cheer up sir. The blessings of GOD shall never leave you. We love you.”

iamkemikorede wrote: “Sir it’s well with you sir ,please sir stay strong”

freshprince wrote: “It is well with you sir @realyemisolade . And this too shall pass!!”

eniolaofficial wrote: “Sending you so much love. It’s well”.

bigleave_con wrote: “Stay strong and remember there is no situation without a solution and giving up on life is never a solution. Please, talk to someone sir, preferably a counsellor.”

oluwafunmiola wrote: “He needs people around him … I think some of His colleagues can visit him physically to keep his company …. Another contributing factor is lack of fund (money) to carry out some important task”

mardallina wrote: “Please sir be strong God even say it that there will be days like this but he will surely deliver those who trust in him.please read psalm 51 and I pray may the joy of ressuration of our Lord Jesus christ be with you sir Halleluyah”.

tomisin200 wrote: “It is well sir just remember there is nothing that doesn’t have solution. Its a phase it will pass.there is time for everything in life .God be with u and ur family. Get up cheer up ,sing and dance away any negative vibes .in all situations give thanks and bring positive vibes to ur self”.

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