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Actress, Damilola Adegbite Reveals Why she left the huge salary and quit Tinsel

Nigerian Actress, Damilola Adegbite, who made her big television debut on the mega-successful television show, Tinsel, has given her reasons for abandoning the show, despite the huge salary.

Tinsel was Damilola’s first acting job out of school and she played the character of Thelema Duke for about six years before her exit from the show.

Speaking to Chude about Tinsel, Damilola Adegbite said;

“Tinsel is still one of my most amazing life experiences. Life, I mean life not necessarily career, I mean life experience because it happened at a time when I was fresh out of school and I was expecting humble beginnings. I was expecting the hustle that you’re out of school and you must start small. I was actually on another set out of Lagos in one of those outskirts when they called me to come for the audition and it was a much smaller production. I got there (Tinsel set) and I couldn’t believe the magnitude of what I was getting on as my first job. I was earning a lot monthly, I was BALLING! Monthly! And other bills were being taken care of – feeding, housing, it was amazing and I made some amazing life memories, some amazing friends. It just showed me that you don’t necessarily have to struggle. Honestly. I mean I understand do not despise the days of small beginnings but aim higher every time. It may just be possible”.

“So then why did she leave?”Chude queried.

“I was dreaming big dreams. You know, I was fresh out of school, I hadn’t had many experiences. As exciting and amazing as it was, I felt boxed in. I was on the show for like six years before I left of working almost everyday doing the same thing and playing the same role, same character. I’m an actor, I’m a creative, I want sparks, I want a change, I want to be able to tell different stories and live different lives. So it was a hard decision. But I did go back after a few years briefly for a few months then I left again because I missed that family. Despite being work, it was a family. And of course there were moments of ‘don’t go now’, so nothing happened, I just wanted to experience more of life”.

After Tinsel, Damilola starred in blockbusters like Coming from Insanity, Merry Men, Before 30, and more. 

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