Actress Halima Abubakar drags her colleague, Uche Nancy, over N250K debt

Nollywood actress, Uche Nancy has been called out publicly, over a N250k debt that she owes her colleague, Halima Abubakar.

Halima who has been on a talking spree lately, ranging from Apostle Suleman Johnson, Shan George, Kate Henshaw, Mercy Johnson, and Annie Idibia amongst others, stated that Uche Nancy borrowed the sum of 250,000 naira from her and refused to pay it back. 

To prove that she is being owed a debt, Halima shared a screenshot of a note signed by Nancy as evidence of the debt. Halima didn’t stop there, she further described Nancy as a slave master who uses actors by paying them peanuts.

Halima ended the rant by saying that she would never forgive Nancy for her selfish lifestyle.

Halima wrote:

“Uche Nancy here is ur hand writing. You borrowed the money. Saying i should call out is not d best. No dare me next time dear. Try pay ur artiste. And stop being a slave master. You are so terrible. Upon as u dey jam ppl head reach, u still dey pay ppl 10k to shoot. Under harsh conditions. Uche Nancy, i no go forgive u”.

Her post triggered the following reactions:

talktoshe_ng: “You made your friend write this? You were never friends. Hope you’ve gotten your money now you’ve called her out? Just asking ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️” 

_deagram: “Try as much as possible to return people’s money with the same energy and smile you borrowed it with.” 

strongndbeautiful_: “How many people Halima wan fight, try to dey make peace with all men my sister, but collect your money, wakeup.” 

prinagold: “I really hope Halima is ok…. Anyone close to her should please check on her.” 

realujunwamandy_: “But why is this lady halima fighting everyone lately? Smh ‍♂️” 

obiajumike: “Which date has no year? Loan without duration? No defined interest? Mtchew.” 

theo_bre1: “Halima don vex. Hope someone checks up on her though… she is beginning to sound like Britney Spears. Move on with ur life and be healthy. You have learnt from ur mistakes.” 

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