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African Giant Side Chick Jo Pearl, Has Responded To Those Attacking Her For Calling Out Burna Boy.

You’ll recall that we reported that the Nigerian London base model jo pearl, took to her Instagram page weeks ago, to share a video saying that she and Burna boy have been dating secretly for two years and how she can no longer keep their relationship a secret, as it is depressing for her.

Well, jo pearl has come out again to respond to those attacking her on social media for calling out Burna boy in public. She took to her Instagram story to share a couple of posts, addressing the backlash.

She wrote: It’s the hypocritical comments for me… Some of you have never been in love and it shows.

“Also this generation’s obsession with transactional relationships is disgusting. The idea that someone is simply in love sounds so outlandish to so many of you, it’s quite scary. God help my generation.

“Lastly, I’m beautiful dieeee! Inside & out So let’s not even bother to question my looks and character. Peace and Love.”
She added: “While people are trolling, I’ve never felt so free in two years. I’m scheduled to see my therapist tonight.”

Its been Weeks since pearl revealed her secret relationship with Burna boy and he is yet to respond to the allegations against him. Well, that can only mean two things, for her telling the truth or silent is the best answer to a fool.
As the saying goes, silence is golden…. But then what do you guys make of this.

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