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Anita Brown leaks Davido’s personal phone number, dares doubters to call and find out about her pregnancy

U.S.-based entrepreneur, Anita Brown, who is claiming to be expecting a baby for afrobeat superstar singer, Davido, has leaked his personal phone number to the public.

Anita and the DMW boss have been trending on all platforms after she revealed that she is carrying his baby. She went on to share receipts, as well as also took a pregnancy test on live video to prove to everyone that she was truly pregnant. 

However, many who didn’t believe her criticized and bashed her for lying about her relationship with Davido, with allegations that she was trying to ruin the singer’s marriage.

In response to their doubts and criticisms, Anita put Davido’s contact on display and asked netizens to question the singer directly and confirm her allegations.

In a statement on her Twitter page, Anita said,

“Since I have no proof here is Davido’s personal phone number call him and confirm for yourself if he indeed got me pregnant. I don’t have any photo or video of me and Davido, was never chasing clout to have to do all that.”

Netizens React:

evve lvnn said: “Use this as ‘davido don jam mad person’ button.”

real.motty commented: “Anita is the weapon fashioned against Davido.”

official_nk_oma reacted: “Honestly this girl lost me when she said ” she doesn’t know davido is marred” asinnnnn!!!

How can vou know davido and not know Chioma.”

zayxon_tech reacted: “Why would she leak his number? What was that supposed to solve, las las I blame Davido for this wahala, had it been he stayed one place none of this would happen…anyway if you need a website or mobile app send us a dm.”

fekomiceo said: “Never judge a celebrity until you’re a celebrity, never judge a billionaire lifestyle until vou’re a billionaire yourself. When it’s your turn let’s see how you will handle wealth, until then you have no right to dissect anyone.”

gungir1001 reacted: “Even Nigeria Defence minister cannot defend this one. Me sef I don tire < lemme just allow it to trend and fade away.”

rosythrone said: “Davido supposed know say Yankee girls get their own demons. She came prepared.”

pretty_ginii commented: “Ok we hy heard you to me this wasn’t the right way to handle this situation by trying to ruin his reputation common naa vou are an adult when a man sleep with you without protection are you not suppose to take a prevention pills.just say you want to hv davido’s baby is understandable.”

cashbenkid reacted: “DAVIDO DON FINALLY MEET GOLIATH.”

austinozoemena said: “A whole OBO in the mud. At your age and level as celebrity you still getting into these kind of scandals.”

@alex777 commented: “understanding wife don see shege this period. Poor lady who would have achieved a lot by now.”

Other Netizens took to the comment section to express their disappointment at the singer;

One @debbyifee wrote: “Try to be unavailable to other women. Pity your wife”.

emmieharker wrote: “Do u want to kill your wife???? Like wtf???? R u seriously ok??????”

tee4tayo1 wrote: “Keep sleeping around, all it takes to bring a Samson down is 1 Delilah!!!! A man’s talent makes room for him, but his weakness can bring him down. You can afford to buy whatever you want….ever heard of a condom??? They are really cheap you know. Such a shame!!!!!”

foodlove9273 wrote: “You don cast ooo, the babe don post proves. Try keep preek one place abeg 😢”

chiomas_blog wrote: “I’m disappointed in you!!! I’m tired of fighting for you!! I’m literally tired of defending you!!!! What the heck is wrong with you David!!!! What???????? Fvck!!!!!!”

nafisa_fabrics wrote: “Las las i go just port to Burna boy fan base cos gaskiya to be a Davido fan is traumatizing!!!! Haba everyday one story or the other!!!!! I’m truly sad for Chioma 😢😢😢.”

queen_ssharon wrote: “Marriage is not a force. U are not even supposed to marry at all since u can’t control ur prick. Now I don jam madness wey pass madness. She’s ready to bring u down. I pray God assist you sha if HE wish Ur late son never reach one year nd u dey moan around. U can’t COMFORT ur wife 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Ur wife should seek revenge over the death of her son. Trust no one.”

justinah.___ wrote: “You are very much Available!!!over available wan finish you😭😭💔💔.”

bbnaija2_0_2_1 wrote: “Brooo. You need serious prayers. Not even up to a year you lost your son you’re busying messing up and down. Water no dey your eyes at all. I be your fan but I’m so disappointed in your actions so bad . You have no regard for your wife or nothing. Are you even sure you’re healthy ? No protection you keep messing up everywhere at what age exactly? Scandals ruin people if you don’t know. Rubbish.”

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