Dagrin’s brother, Trod reacts after being accused of abandoning the late rapper’s mum and siphoning his music royalties

Trod, brother to the late rapper Dagrin has dropped his bits after Netizens accused him of siphoning his late brother’s music royalties and abandoning their mother to suffer.

Recall that a few days ago, Late Dagrin’s mother cried out to Nigerians for help, whilst stating that she sells food by the roadside but it is very stressful for her age, and the money generated is not enough to sustain her family.

“Please I am poor and I want Nigerians to come and help me, I currently sell food by the roadside but the stress is too much and I am getting really old.

“I need accommodation, please Nigerians I need like N3Million – N5Million, I can’t go and beg Rapper Olamide for money because it is somehow as he is not an Elder, I look at him like a son,” she said.

Reacting to this, Netizens were quick to attack the Late rapper’s brother, Trod with claims that he was getting paid and enjoying Dagrin’s music royalties secretly while his family was suffering.

Responding to these allegations, Trod denied knowing about the royalties and he challenged Digital Music and Commerce Exchange Limited (DMCE), the organization he claimed has been receiving the royalties since 2010, to come forward.

Trod shared a screenshot of Dagrin’s songs on a streaming platform and wrote, “I don’t know anything about Grin’s royalties… The person who has been getting paid for 13 years should come out. DMCE, whatever?!”

Dagrin died 13 years ago, on April 22, 2010, after a ghastly auto accident.

See his post below,

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