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BBNaija6: “I’m no longer attracted to Maria”- Pere

Pere, who has been crushing on Maria for quite a while now has suddenly declared his lack of interest in the female housemate.

Just a few days ago, Pere professed having feelings for Maria, although neither Beatrice nor the other BBNaija housemates were witnesses to it. The same night, the housemates all played a Truth or Dare game, and Pere kissed Beatrice as a dare. Much later, he tried to give Maria a goodnight kiss, which she rudely rejected saying,, “don’t do that”.

Pere then goes to Liquorose for advice, who encouraged him to approach her. Pere immediately went into Maria’s room and called her out. She came out with a very serious face which was a bit scary to Pere but he still summoned courage and said, “I don’t know how to articulate this so you would understand. I really like you”.

Maria didn’t even let him finish when she responded, “Okay can we stop. I don’t like you so can we just skip it and I’m not faking it.”Then she ended the conversation with cool? Can I go to bed now please” before walking out on Pere.

Despite turning down his advances multiple times, Pere had tried to remain resolute in his pursuit of his fellow wildcard, until the conversation with Beatrice came up. Pere and Beatrice were having a discussion in the BBNaija house when the latter brought up Maria and he hastily shut down the topic, saying he has completely gotten over his attraction for Maria.

Pere was telling Beatrice that sometimes, he goes into his own shell and  she asked if it was because of Maria. He immediately shut it down saying he has completely gotten over his attraction for Maria. He also admitted that he was once very attracted to her but that is not the case anymore. 

In his words, “Maria is not my girlfriend. Fine, I was attracted to Maria… WAS attracted to Maria.”

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