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BBNaijaAllstars: Alex and Ike get into a physical fight in the pool 

BBN all-star housemates, Alex Unusual and Ike Onyema were involved in a physical fight in the pool while they were having their pool party.

A video made the rounds, showing where Alex was seen fighting with Ike underwater during their pool party. This altercation was mainly one-sided with Alex hitting Ike multiple times.

The altercation left fellow housemates bewildered and concerned about the cause of the sudden dispute between the two.

According to Alex, the confrontation arose when Ike allegedly pushed her forcefully into the pool, making her struggle to stay afloat. Alex said she fought Ike because she believed he was going to drown her.

After the pool party, Alex was heard explaining that she had become aggressive with Ike because he had been pushing her into the water and was about to drown. She added that she had to react because her breasts had come out of her bikini during their struggle.

The housemates however disagreed, drumming up their support for Ike and denying the fact that he was trying to hurt her. 

Doyin, the current head of the house explained to the rest of the housemates what had transpired that had led to the altercation.

Doyin stated that she had teasingly decided to “drown” Ike with Alex and on getting there, it had backfired. Alex who couldn’t swim, was thrown into the water and she panicked and started to attack Ike.

Ike Onyema has however since apologized to her, explaining that he did not mean to hurt her.

In the aftermath of the pool party, tensions seemed to ease as Alex and Ike were spotted engaged in a private conversation under the duvet, attempting to resolve their differences and come to a mutual understanding.

It is currently not known if the fight would be considered a joke by Big Brother or a serious altercation to be penalized for.

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