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BBNaijaAllStars: Cee C, Ilebaye, Mercy, Adekunle, Neo, Alex up for possible eviction this week

Alex, Adekunle, Whitemoney, Ilebaye, Mercy, Neo, Ceec are all up for eviction this week. 

Their nominations caused a huge stir online with netizens believing they are the strongest people in the house. 

Here’s how the housemates nominated;

Whitemoney nominated Neo, Soma and Cee-C.

Alex nominated Sholzy, Adekunle and Venita.

Pere nominated Alex, Soma and Mercy.

Ilebaye nominated Neo, Cee-C and Whitemoney.

Sholzy said if he could nominate he’d have nominated Angel, Alex and Adekunle.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be a week of sporting activities in Biggie’s house, as it was announced today that the theme of the week was sports. 

In line with the theme, the All Stars have been tasked with creating a “Local Olympics” series of sporting activities inspired by games from their childhood for the wager challenge.

Excited by the news, the housemates brainstormed about what activities they would come up with and, in the process, reminisced about games they played when they were growing up. Some housemates suggested classic games like the sack race, egg race, police and thief. 

As they continued to share their childhood game experiences, the atmosphere in Biggie’s house became filled with nostalgia and anticipation for the week of sporting activities.

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