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Brymo Blast Nigerians, As He Brags About His Yellow Album, Saying It’s The Album Of The Year.

Amidst the drag on which album deserves to win the awards for album of the year 2020, well looks like Brymo is not having it at all as he brags about his album “yellow” winning album of the year, he also went on to say that maybe hyped album should be separated from the best album.

 “Don’t let anyone import records and laurels and personnel to distract you… Yellow is the best album released in Nigeria this year 2020..”

“No album, not one compares to “Yellow” on the continent this year… Maybe you should start separating “most hyped album” from “best album”….”

This can only remind us of the saying: sound your praises if you have no one to sound it for you.

Well, of a truth, Brymo’s yellow album is full of hit songs, just like that of Olamide, but the thing is, his genre of music is not really valued in Nigeria, as many don’t see him as a competition when it comes to comparing which artist is better than which and who has the most hit songs or album.

But then, that doesn’t change the fact that Brymo is a talented musician and his songs are quite inspirational and tells a story.

Let’s not also forget that, once upon a time, Brymo’s music was the talk of the town as everyone wanted to be feed with songs that sinks to the soul. Well looks like the Nigerian music industry has evolved and his genre of music is no longer appreciated like it uses to.

Well, while most people seem to have forgotten about his album, Brymo had to do a reminder telling Nigerians to stop pretending that they have forgotten about his album, cause they’ve been bribed with little to start talking about who is underrated and who is not. He wrote:

“Folks have been talking about Yellow for months, stop pretending to forget because small money don enter una pockets… talking about “underrated”.. it is not, you just say that to promote your half-backed albums.”

Well, most Nigerians won’t just let him tweet in peace, as they came for him saying, though his album yellow is one of the best 2020 albums, he needs to work on his behavior, and not let insecurities bury his craft.

“Bro you are good, yellow is one of the best of 2020 but pls this behavior has to stop you definitely don’t need it, don’t you know the definition of your genre or why are you doubting yourself. Don’t let these insecurities bury your craft”

He didn’t just stop there, Brymo also went on saying that his album is the sound of greatness and everyone should listen and be fed. He wrote: “This is the sound of greatness… listen and feel it”

Well, who else is on the same table with Brymo??

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