Comedian Buchi calls out his estranged wife’s family for abducting his children

Comedian Buchi Ojieh has called out his estranged wife’s relatives – the Isedes and Salamis, accusing them of forcefully taking his children and preventing him from seeing them.

Buchi and his wife, Rukky got married in 2017 and had two kids, but ended the marriage in 2022 over allegations of domestic abuse.

In a recent development, the comedian and actor claimed that his wife’s family played a role in the abduction of his children.

He expressed his frustration at being prevented from communicating with them, emphasizing that they cannot obstruct the legal system.

Buchi questioned how his in-laws would react if someone were to take their children away from them, especially considering the efforts they put into having them.

In what appears to be a warning to them in a series of Instagram posts, Buchi urged them to grant him access to his children.

“U have ur kids allow me access to my kids.

“Family when they repay good with wickedness I never stopped u from talking to your father.

“U facilitated the abduction of my kids – Isede and Salamis. You can stop me from talking to them. You can’t stop the law.

Mr n Mrs Salami. If someone took Jos & Daniella after all u went thru. Una go survive am. I want access to my kids,” he wrote.

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